About the Optimist Club

Chartered in 1947, is the first Optimist Club in the area. An Organization that 
fosters lifelong friendships in the Green Bay area, the Optimist Club
is instrumental in bringing many activities and improvements
to the youth of Green Bay.

An Optimistic Attitude

Optimists believe that a positive approach can make all the difference in the world. Through service programs, Optimists develop positive attitudes and approaches to life that enable young people to excel in school and
in their community.

Investing In Young People

Optimists believe that investing a few hours a week to mentor, educate, inspire and believe in young people can ensure a better tomorrow.

Personal Development

Optimists gain leadership experience, and grow both personally and professionally. Optimists value the social and business relationships they develop with like-minded individuals in their community.

Interested in Making A Difference?

There are lots of ways you can make a difference in our community by contributing to the Green Bay Optimist Club:

We hope to hear from you soon!