Lifetime Achievement Member:

2022 Award Winner

Neal Van Ess

Years Active: 1970s - Present

Neal Van Ess has been very active in the Optimist Club since the 1970’s. Since then, Neal has utilized his background and other skills to improve the Optimist Club in various capacities.

Since the 1970’s, Neal has served as President, Vice President, Director, Bulletin Writer, and Treasurer. In fact, he has served as Treasurer for almost 25 years. Neal has been a zealous recruiter and sponsor of new club members, which has enabled the club to grow over the years. Neal has also been actively involved in my club events and fundraisers. He would oftentimes sell the most tickets of any club member to the Trout Boil, which was a club fundraiser. Neal’s work experience as a CPA and his knowledge of the tax code has allowed him to advise the club regarding the impact to the club of any tax law changes.

Neal’s impact to the Club over the last half-century has been noticeable and has played a large role in the great current state of the Club.  


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